The Webinar concept is the next big thing.

We’ve heard that word many times but not many of us could exactly tell what is it. What is a webinar? What are they for? Can they help me finding a good language school or University? Luckily Helmi Kemppainen -our guest blogger this week- is an expert in this field who has decided to help us solving the mystery. Thanks Helmi!


As you are considering to or currently learning Spanish in Spain, why stop there? They say often when you leave the safe shore and experience the excitement of living abroad – studying or working – it is very hard to go back. What if we told you there was an easy way to gain information needed to fulfil your dreams of continuing studying abroad?Continue reading!

So you want to earn a Degree abroad but are still perhaps unsure of the field of study or the destination country. What can you do to make sure you browse all your alternatives and get as much as possible first-hand information? Luckily nowadays the Internet is full of material about study programs and Universities and you might even be lucky enough to have a student recruitment fair around your city at the right time. But how many times do you wish you could just meet all the Universities of your interest and be able to ask all the questions perplexing your mind? This isn’t as easily done as said when you feel the whole world is yours and you are open to many possibilities.

There is one easy way to “e-meet” and interact with many of the international Universities worldwide. Let us present student recruitment webinars! What is different about webinars compared to traditional study portals? A webinar in short is an online seminar, meaning a chance to see a presentation and have a Q&A session with the University staff, but all from the comfort of your own house wherever in the world it might be. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

As we know the decision-making is not easy but all the more important, we would like to introduce you this new channel of receiving information about studies abroad to help you find the University and study program that is just right for you and your future career dreams!

Visit Study Abroad Portal to browse webinars in collaboration with a list of distinguished Universities around the world and find study programs of all levels – Bachelor, Master or MBA –waiting to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life!

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